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How to Use Smart Tags in OptinMonster

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Do you want to customize texts to your forms and campaigns automatically? Smart Tags can save you time by allowing you to personalize useful details in your forms to easily boost your engagement and conversions.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use Smart Tags in OptinMonster.

Before You Start

Here are some things to know before you begin:

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What is OptinMonster?

OptinMonster is the best lead generation and conversion optimization toolkit. It helps you convert your visitors into subscribers, leads, and customers by letting you create stunning campaigns such as popups, floating bars, inline forms and more.

Publishers and business owners use OptinMonster to grow their email list and generate more sales.

How It Works

  • create an eye-catching campaign;
  • configure targeting rules,
  • publish and refine the campaigns.

Here’s are examples of a coupon popups in OptinMonster:

You can visit this link for more ideas.

What is a Smart Tag?

A Smart Tag is a bit of code that you can use to add relevant information to your campaigns. Smart Tags use curly brackets and look something like this:


You can optionally use a pipe character (|) followed by text to use as the default in the event that the tag information cannot be found.


For example, a widely used Smart Tag is {form_email}, which is the default Smart Tag used in the Send To Email Address field. It automatically fills in the email address of the site administrator.

Brands that use personalization see significant increases in customer engagement, 20% more sales opportunities, and 18x more revenue according to studies by Jupiter Research and Annuitas Group.

website personalization dynamic content tool

Adding Smart Tags

  1. You can use Smart Tags when editing the text element in the campaign builder.
Edit Text Element

2. In the top left corner, select the { } curly braces button to choose a predefined Smart Tag. This will open up a list of Smart Tags that are applicable for a particular field.

Tag Braces

3. Select the Smart Tag you want and it will be automatically added to the text field editor.

Date Smart Tag

4. (Optional) Define the default value you’d like to use for the Smart Tag in case the tag cannot find the necessary information.
Tag with Default

5. When you’re finished, Saved Changes.

6. Once the campaign is live, the Smart Tag will be replaced with the dynamic value.
Live Tag Replaced

Click here to see another example of Smart Tags in action!

Dynamic Text Replacement on eCommerce with Smart Tags

According to Accenture’s Strategy Global Consumer Pulse Research report, businesses lose billions of dollars every year because of poor personalization.

With OptinMonster’s Smart Tags, you can effectively grab the attention of customers by addressing them by name, displaying their city, a specific date, and more.

You can also use Smart Tags to reduce shopping cart abandonment. More than 66% of people who put an item in their online shopping carts never complete the purchase, which means eCommerce retailers are losing a LOT of money.

smart tags - dynamic text replacement

Combine Dynamic Text Replacement with Exit-Intent TechnologyPage-Level Targeting, and Geo-Location Targeting to convert even more abandoning visitors into customers.

Case Study: Case Study: How Got 11K+ Email Subscribers in 2019

Smart Tags Available in OptinMonster

Below is a list of Smart Tags available in OptinMonster.

Form Data Tags
  • {{form_name}}: The full name submitted in the name field
  • {{form_first_name}}: The first name submitted in the name field
  • {{form_last_name}}: The last name submitted in the name field if a last name was submitted
  • {{form_email}}: The email address submitted in the form
  • {{form_phone}}: The phone number submitted in the phone field

IMPORTANT: The form data can only be used once the form is submitted and can only use data from fields that were on the form. For example, in order to use the name tag, the name field must be enabled.

Date & Time Tags
  • {{day}}: The current day of the week
  • {{month}}: The current month (e.g. “January”)
  • {{year}}: The current year (e.g. “2019”)
  • {{date}}: The current date
Geographical Tags
  • {{city}}: The visitor’s city
  • {{state}}: The visitor’s current state if it exists
  • {{region}}: The visitor’s current region which would include states, provinces, etc.
  • {{region_code}}: The current region’s abbreviation (e.g. “CA” for “California”)
  • {{postal_code}}: The same as {{zip}}
  • {{zip}}: The visitor’s current zip code
  • {{country}}: The visitor’s current country
  • {{country_code}}: The current country’s abbreviation (e.g. “US” for “United States”)
Customer Journey Tags
  • {{page_url}}: The URL of the current page
  • {{referrer_url}}: The URL of the previous page
  • {{pages_visited}}: The number of pages the user has visited
  • {{time_on_site}}: The amount of time the user has spent on the site in milliseconds
  • {{visit_timestamp}}: The current timestamp
  • {{page_title}}: The title of the current page
Campaign Name Tags
  • {{campaign_name}}: The name of the current campaign

Custom Smart Tags

NOTE: This feature is for advanced users. Due to the custom nature of custom Smart Tags, at this time OptinMonster does not provide support for this feature.

Custom Smart Tags are defined by you and contain any particular type of data you want.

Smart Tags support 3 different methods of defining custom data (in order of priority):

  1. Query Argument
  2. Cookie
  3. JavaScript Variable (advanced)

Say you your Smart Tag want to target a custom tag called “name” you can add a query argument to your URL, like this:

In the URL above, OptinMonster have defined a query argument with the key of fname and the value of Thomas. OptinMonster will inspect your URL and if it finds a match, it will replace your Smart Tag with the value of your query argument.

That’s it! You’ve just learned how to use Smart Tags in OptinMonster.

OptinMonster’s Smart Tags helps you retain your audience’s attention and improve engagement by creating personalized marketing campaigns tailored for each visitor.

Ready to increase ROI on your website with personalized marketing campaigns? Get started with OptinMonster today!

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