How to Create WordPress Polls with WPForms Plugin

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WordPress polls and surveys forms are the best way to collect relevant information about your website. They are a great way to communicate and engage with your target market. These polls will allow you as a business owner to determine what your audience wants.

For WordPress users, designing a survey form is easy with WordPress survey plugins. You can integrate surveys easily and analyze the data smoothly with a perfect survey tool. But how do you find the best survey plugin for your online business?

To help you get started – I will show you how to use WPForms – the best WordPress poll plugin in 2021 that you can implement in your website and take your business to the next level!

Let’s dive into the topic!

Why Should You Use WordPress Survey Plugins on Your Site?

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Well, there are hundreds of good reasons to use WordPress survey plugins on your website.

The first and foremost rule of any business is to know your audience.

You can get valuable information from your visitors just by simply asking them questions. For instance, you can take a survey to discover how well your customer support team manages customer service. You may also find out the pain points of the purchase process. 

On top of that, survey plugins might help you with:

  • Compatibility with CRMs
  • Build brand value
  • Data visualization
  • Easy to use
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Easily export data

Now you have an idea about why you should use WordPress survey plugins on your website.

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Features That Should Be Available In Your WordPress Survey Plugin

Here are a few things you should look for in a survey plugin. 

  • Easy to use – It should enable you to create your survey forms without any coding or configuration. WPForms provides a drag and drop facility to create a form smoothly.
  • Pre-built templates
  • Mobile responsive forms – Your survey form should support all devices, such as mobile, tablets, or desktops. 
  • Integrations
  • Survey reports: You need to view your survey reports to see the results of your work, so look for a plugin that will give you actionable reports by showing graphs or charts.
Survey Reports Overview
WPForms real-time insights feature automatically builds a beautiful report with the best visualizations selected for each type of question.
  • Price: You might not want to pay much only for a WordPress survey plugin on your website. So, always prefer plugins that are cost-effective. There are many plugins in the WordPress directory that are coming as the total solution for your website. 

Now that you know what you should look for in the survey tools, let’s get started with one of the best WordPress survey plugins.


WPForms Surveys and Polls Addon- Enable Survey Reporting

Several experts consider WPForms as one of the best poll plugins for WordPress.

Why not?

The WPForms plugin often claims that its plugin is the most beginner-friendly WordPress poll maker plugin in the market.

It comes with a user-friendly and straightforward drag and drops option that will let you make gorgeous survey forms for your website. You can also create contact forms, order forms, donation forms, payment forms, subscription forms by using WPForms. Let’s have a look at its amazing features.


  • Drag and drop
  • Has pre-built form templates
  • Mobile-friendly forms
  • SEO friendly
  • Smart conditional logic
  • Smart survey fields
  • Entry management
  • Payment integrations
  • Spam protection
  • File uploads
  • Instant notifications
  • Multi-page forms
  • File upload feature
  • Easy payment collections with PayPal and Stripe add-ons

Using WPForms will permit you to send instant notifications to the users who have submitted your survey form.

It is a mobile-friendly form, which means forms created by this plugin are responsive to any device.

Mailchimp, Zapier, ActiveCampaign, AWeber are also available in this plugin. You can use the plugin as an alternative for other tools that are needed for your website. 

Moreover, WPForms comes with the best survey reporting feature. It comes with real-time visual reports for your forms. You can view your survey results on any page with a shortcode and share the stories in any social media or PowerPoint presentations.

Poll Results Animation
With WPForms real-time polls report, you can show the results to each user immediately after they submit the form.

With its wide variety of add-ons and features, plus the fact that it is super SEO friendly – WP-Forms will indeed help your business elevate to the top.


  • Lack of form customization and design feature
  • The free plan has minimal features
  • Limited features for more advanced websites and integrations

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How to Set up WPForms

Survey Addon Form Templates
WPForms pioneered the concept of form templates in the WordPress forms industry. With the survey and polls addon, we have added two new form templates that you can use to quickly create a survey or poll form.
  1. In your WordPress admin dashboard, visit the Plugins » Add a new plugin
  2. Locate the WPForms plugin in the search bar 
  3. Click Install now
  4. Activate WPForms
  5. Navigate to the WPForms tab at the bottom of your WordPress admin dashboard and click the “Add New” button to create your new poll form.


WPForms is available to download for free. It also has a premium version with four pricing bundles. Its price ranges from $39.50 – $299.50 billed annually.


WPForms might just be the best WordPress poll plugin in 2021, considering all of its benefits, features, cost, and ease of use. It has10 million+ downloads, it is proven and tested to be effective for many business campaigns.

It is also simple and easy to use. You don’t have to be knowledgeable about HTML or CSS for you to design a beautiful-looking poll. With its drag and drop form builder and pre-built templates – you can create your poll in a matter of minutes.

So, if you’re looking for a responsive, clean, and extensible poll plugin – WPForms is the right choice for you.

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